Android Industries

What Are Android Industries

Android Industries is a multinational technology company based in Auburn Hills that specializes in innovative assembly systems for various industries. They are leaders in assembly and module assemblies with a focus on dynamic manufacturing technology and cost solutions. In this article, we will provide an overview of Android Industries, including their corporate headquarters, career opportunities, and company culture.


The history of Android Industries dates back to 1984 when the company was founded in Auburn Hills, Michigan. Initially, Android Industries focused on providing automated assembly systems to the automotive industry. Over the years, the company diversified its offerings and became a leader in integrated supply chain and tooling solutions. Today, Android Industries continues to innovate with dynamic manufacturing technology, module assemblies, and cost-effective online services for their clients. The company’s caring culture and team member appreciation are reflected in its executive team and the dynamic work environment that fosters career growth opportunities.

Company Profile

Android Industries is a multinational technology company that specializes in manufacturing and assembly of auto parts. With a corporate headquarters in Auburn Hills, the company has several locations, such as Android Industries Belvidere and Android Industries Wixom LLC, offering innovative assembly systems and integrated supply chain solutions. The company prides itself on a dynamic manufacturing technology culture of excellence and a caring environment, which values team member appreciation and career advancement. In this article, we take a deep dive into the Android Industries company profile and some of its offerings.

Business Model

Android Industries’ business model focuses on providing innovative solutions for manufacturing and assembly processes. They offer integrated supply chain solutions that include tooling, production, and logistics management. Through their dynamic manufacturing technology and cost-effective solutions, they have become a leader in the assembly industry. Android Industries also prioritizes a caring and dynamic company culture evident in team member appreciation and a culture of excellence. Overall, their business model emphasizes manufacturing innovation and online services, making them a multinational technology company in the auto parts industry.

Leadership Team

The Executive Team at Android Industries is focused on creating a caring and dynamic culture of excellence within the company. With a strong emphasis on manufacturing innovation and technological advancement, the team works towards integrated supply chain and cost solutions that benefit both the company and its customers. The entire team is dedicated to creating a team member appreciation and a positive job culture, which is reflected in the company’s high ratings on anonymous employee reviews.

Size and Scope

It is a multinational technology company with an expansive size and scope. With locations across the United States, they offer innovative assembly systems and lead in module assemblies. Their integrated supply chain and tooling solutions provide cost-effective options for their clients. Additionally, their online services and dynamic manufacturing technology make them a leader in manufacturing innovation. With an executive team and caring culture, Android Industries is a great place for job seekers who want to build their career in manufacturing management.

Products and Services

Products and Services:

This is a leader in dynamic manufacturing technology and integrated supply chain solutions. The company specializes in innovative assembly systems for module assemblies, bus assemblies, and auto parts. Additionally, Android Industries offers various tooling solutions and cost-effective online services. With a focus on excellence, the company provides service and support to ensure the success of its clients. Android Industries values its team member’s appreciation and fosters a caring culture amongst its employees. For job seekers interested in a career in manufacturing management, Android Industries offers a promising opportunity.

Tire and Wheel Solutions

Android Industries offers a comprehensive tire and wheel solution as part of their innovative assembly systems. With their dynamic manufacturing technology and integrated supply chain solutions, they provide cost-effective and efficient tire and wheel assemblies to their clients. Their tire and wheel solutions are designed to ensure optimal performance and safety on the road while offering excellent value to their customers. Job seekers interested in a career in manufacturing management or assembly workers looking for opportunities in the auto parts industry should consider Android Industries.

  1. Automotive Parts Distribution Network

The Automotive Parts Distribution Network is an essential component of the automotive industry, facilitating the distribution of parts and services around the world. A well-connected distribution network ensures that repair and maintenance services are available, thereby ensuring the constant and efficient operation of vehicles. With the ever-increasing complexity of automotive systems, the importance of having a reliable automotive parts distribution network cannot be overstated. By keeping up with the latest advancements, the network ensures that the right parts are always available and at the right time, minimizing downtime and keeping cars on the road. In essence, the automotive parts distribution network plays a crucial role in keeping the automotive industry moving forward.

Value-Added Services & Solutions

It provides innovative and dynamic manufacturing technology with integrated supply chain and tooling solutions for their clients. One of their key offerings is value-added services and solutions, where they work closely with their clients to understand their needs and provide tailored solutions. This includes module assemblies, bus assembly, and auto parts manufacturing. Their team also emphasizes a caring culture and team member appreciation to ensure a positive job culture. If you are looking for a career in manufacturing management or manufacturing innovation, Android Industries offers exciting opportunities.

Locations & Corporate Headquarters

With multiple locations around the United States, it has established itself as a premier leader in innovative assembly systems. The company operates assembly plants in Auburn Hills, Belvidere, and Wixom, and has a corporate headquarters in Auburn Hills, Michigan. With a commitment to a caring culture and dynamic manufacturing technology, Android’s integrated supply chain solutions, tooling solutions, and cost solutions make it a top choice for job seekers looking to start a career in manufacturing management. In this article, we will explore more about the locations and corporate headquarters of Android Industries.

U.S. Office Locations

It has several office locations in the United States, including its corporate headquarters in Auburn Hills. Other locations include Belvidere and Wixom, among others. These offices are home to dynamic manufacturing technology, innovative assembly systems, and module assemblies that have cemented the company’s position as a leader in assembly. With an integrated supply chain solution, cost solutions, and tooling solutions, Android Industries has demonstrated its commitment to offering online services that revolutionize auto parts manufacturing. The company prides itself on a caring culture that fosters excellence and career growth for employees in manufacturing management.

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