Azur Lane Tier List

Are you looking for the ultimate guide to the best ships in Azur Lane? Well, look no further!

In this article, we’ve compiled a comprehensive tier list that ranks the top ships from S to D tier.

Whether you’re in need of a powerful carrier, a formidable destroyer, or even a hidden gem, we’ve got you covered.

So, get ready to set sail and conquer the seas with the strongest ships in Azur Lane!

Key Takeaways

  • S Tier Ships possess exceptional stats, skills, and abilities, making them highly powerful and versatile in battles.
  • Queen Elizabeth is considered one of the top battleships, combining high firepower and durability.
  • Top Tier Submarines such as U-81, Albacore, I-13, Surcouf, and U-557 have high torpedo damage and strong capabilities.
  • Submarines like U-37, I-168, U-81 Retrofit, Surcouf Retrofit, and U-557 Retrofit are categorized as Low Tier Submarines with average torpedo damage and survivability. How to Play the Game Snaps

S Tier Ships

You should prioritize using S tier ships in your Azur Lane fleet for maximum effectiveness.

In the world of Azur Lane, where battles are fierce and strategic, having the best ships can make all the difference.

The azur lane tier list ranks ships according to their power and capabilities, with S tier being the highest.

These S tier ships possess exceptional stats, skills, and abilities that can turn the tide of battles in your favor.

Whether it’s their high damage output, impressive survivability, or unique support skills, S tier ships are the cream of the crop.

By including these powerful vessels in your fleet, you greatly increase your chances of success in challenging battles.

A Tier Ships

If you want a strong ship to add to your fleet, consider going for one in the A Tier. These ships are formidable and can greatly improve your chances of victory in battles. How Deep Will You Go Card Game

One notable vanguard ship in the A Tier is Jean Bart. With impressive stats and abilities, Jean Bart is a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. Her high firepower and durability make her a reliable choice for any fleet. Additionally, her skill set allows her to deal significant damage to multiple enemy targets, making her a valuable asset in any engagement. How to Play Bs Card Game

Whether you’re looking for a powerful vanguard ship or simply want to strengthen your fleet, Jean Bart and other A Tier ships are definitely worth considering. How Many Quarters Are in a Basketball Game

B Tier Ships

When considering ships for your fleet, keep in mind that B Tier ships offer a solid balance of strength and versatility. These ships are perfect for those who want a reliable backbone in their battleship backline. How to Play Bs Card Game

In the world of Azur Lane, the Eagle Union is renowned for its powerful ships, and B Tier ships from this faction are no exception. They possess impressive firepower and can effectively take down heavy armor targets. How to Play Garbage Card Game

Additionally, B Tier ships from other factions also offer unique advantages. They can adapt to various situations and provide crucial support during battles. Whether you need a ship with high damage output or one with exceptional defensive capabilities, B Tier ships won’t disappoint. How to Win the Cracker Barrel Game

Consider adding them to your fleet for a well-rounded and formidable force. How to Watch Lakers Game

C Tier Ships

C Tier ships may not be as powerful as their higher-ranked counterparts, but they still have their own unique strengths and can be valuable additions to your fleet. These ships, such as the Honkai Star Rail, are often overlooked by veteran players who prioritize the top-tier ships. How to Watch the Cowboys Game

However, C Tier ships shouldn’t be underestimated. They may lack the raw firepower or durability of higher-ranked ships, but they make up for it with their versatility and specialized abilities. The Honkai Star Rail, for example, excels at long-range bombardment and can provide crucial support to your team. How to Make Squid Game Cookies

So, while you may not find C Tier ships at the top of the tier list, they can still prove to be valuable assets in certain situations.

Now, let’s move on to the next tier and explore the capabilities of D Tier ships. How Long Is a Lacrosse Game

D Tier Ships

While they may not be as highly ranked, D Tier ships still have their own unique abilities and can be a valuable addition to your fleet. One example of a D Tier ship is San Diego Retrofit, or Sandy Retrofit, as she’s commonly known.

Despite her lower ranking, Sandy Retrofit offers some interesting features. She excels at anti-air warfare and has an impressive barrage skill that can deal massive damage to enemy planes. Additionally, her retrofit enhances her survivability, making her a sturdy frontline ship. How to Watch the Cowboys Game

Although D Tier ships may not be the top choices for competitive gameplay, they can still serve a purpose in certain situations.

Now, let’s move on to discussing the best battleships in Azur Lane. How to Win the Cracker Barrel Game

Best Battleships

If you want a battleship that combines firepower and durability, the best choice for you is definitely the Queen Elizabeth. In the Azur Lane tier list, the Queen Elizabeth is considered one of the top battleships. With its powerful main guns and thick armor, it can dish out devastating damage while also being able to withstand enemy attacks. How to Win the Cracker Barrel Game

Its skill, ‘Royal Navy’s Sword’, increases its own firepower and accuracy, making it even deadlier in battle. The Queen Elizabeth’s versatility and strength make it a must-have for any commander looking to dominate the seas.

However, battleships aren’t the only key to victory in Azur Lane. To complement your fleet, it’s important to also consider the top carriers in the game.

Top Carriers

The top carriers in the game offer a formidable combination of air superiority and strategic support. As you navigate through the Azur Lane tier list, you’ll quickly realize the importance of having a strong aircraft carrier on your team. These carriers excel at launching powerful airstrikes, decimating enemy ships from the skies. With a wide range of aircraft at their disposal, they can target multiple enemies simultaneously, turning the tide of battle in your favor.

Whether you’re looking for a carrier with high damage output or one that provides exceptional utility and support, the top carriers on the tier list have got you covered.

Now, let’s move on to discussing the strongest destroyers and how they can complement your carrier’s capabilities.

Strongest Destroyers

As you consider your team composition, don’t overlook the powerful capabilities of the strongest destroyers in the game. According to the Azur Lane tier list, these destroyers are considered to be at the top of their class.

With their fast speed, high evasion, and devastating firepower, they can be a game-changer in any battle. Whether you need them for scouting, torpedo attacks, or anti-aircraft defense, these destroyers have got you covered.

It’s important to note that the strongest destroyers may vary depending on the contextually relevant situation. Some destroyers excel in dealing with enemy submarines, while others are better suited for taking down heavily armored targets.

Notable Submarines

Don’t overlook the notable submarines in the game, as they can provide a strategic advantage in certain battles. While battleships and destroyers may take the spotlight, submarines play a crucial role in Azur Lane.

These underwater vessels excel at sneaking behind enemy lines, targeting the battleship backline with their torpedoes. One notable submarine from the Ironblood faction is U-556. With her ability to deal massive damage to battleships, she can turn the tide of the battle in your favor.

Another notable submarine is I-13, a versatile Azur Lane ship who can launch torpedoes and even carry fighter planes. She’s a valuable asset when it comes to disrupting enemy formations and providing support.

Hidden Gems

You might be surprised by the hidden gems in the game, submarines that are often overlooked but can greatly enhance your strategy. While tier lists are helpful for determining the overall strength of ships in Azur Lane, they may not always showcase the true potential of certain submarines.

These hidden gems, although not always top-tier, possess unique abilities or playstyles that can give you an edge in battles. For example, submarines like U-47 and U-81 may not be at the top of the Azur Lane tier list, but their torpedo-focused skills make them deadly against enemy fleets.

It’s important to consider these hidden gems when building your fleet, as they can provide unexpected advantages and add depth to your gameplay. So, don’t overlook these submarines and explore the hidden potential they bring to your strategy.


In conclusion, the Azur Lane tier list provides a helpful guide for players looking to build the strongest fleet. By categorizing ships into different tiers, players can easily identify the most powerful and effective ones to use in battles.

Whether it’s S tier, A tier, or even hidden gems, this list assists players in making strategic decisions and maximizing their chances of victory.

So, gather your fleet and set sail with confidence!


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