How to Call Internationally on Whatsapp

Are you wondering how to make international calls on WhatsApp? Look no further! In this article, we will guide you through the process step-by-step.

From checking availability in your country to setting up the feature, adding international contacts, and making calls, we’ve got you covered.

We will also share tips for clear and reliable calls, as well as explore alternative options.

Get ready to connect with your loved ones across the globe effortlessly using WhatsApp!

Key Takeaways

  • Stable internet connection is required for international calling on WhatsApp.
  • Users need to check their app settings to enable calling and availability may vary depending on the location.
  • Adding international contacts on WhatsApp requires saving their numbers with the country code in the phone’s contact list.
  • Making international calls on WhatsApp is cost-effective, reliable, and offers a seamless calling experience with crystal clear and uninterrupted calls.

Understanding International Calling on WhatsApp

If you want to call internationally on WhatsApp, it’s important to understand the process. WhatsApp offers a convenient way to make international calls, allowing you to stay connected with friends, family, or business associates around the world.

To begin, you need a stable internet connection on your smartphone or computer. Open the WhatsApp application and navigate to the chat window of the person you want to call. Look for the phone icon at the top right corner of the screen and tap on it. This will initiate the call.

WhatsApp uses Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology to connect your call. It uses your internet connection to transmit audio data, ensuring clear and reliable communication. It’s worth noting that while WhatsApp calls are free, data charges may apply depending on your internet plan.

To avoid any unexpected costs, it’s advisable to connect to a Wi-Fi network before making an international call. By understanding the process and ensuring a stable internet connection, you can enjoy the convenience of making international calls on WhatsApp.

Checking Whatsapp Calling Availability in Your Country

To determine if WhatsApp calling is available in your country, you can check the app’s settings and look for the option to enable calling. WhatsApp calling is a convenient feature that allows you to make voice and video calls to your contacts, even if they’re in a different country. The availability of this feature may vary depending on your location.

WhatsApp has made significant efforts to expand its calling feature to as many countries as possible. In recent years, they’ve worked to overcome regulatory restrictions and negotiate with local telecommunication providers. As a result, WhatsApp calling is now available in many countries around the world.

To check if the WhatsApp calling feature is available in your country, simply open the app and navigate to the settings menu. Look for the option to enable calling, which should be located under the ‘Calls’ section. If you see this option, congratulations! You can now make calls to your contacts using WhatsApp.

If the option to enable calling isn’t available in your settings, it means that WhatsApp calling isn’t currently supported in your country. However, WhatsApp continues to work towards expanding their calling feature to more countries, so keep an eye out for future updates.

Now that you know whether WhatsApp calling is available in your country, let’s move on to the next step: setting up international calling on WhatsApp.

Setting up International Calling on WhatsApp

You can easily set up international calling on WhatsApp by adding your contacts’ numbers with the appropriate country code and then using the app’s built-in calling feature to connect with them.

WhatsApp has become a popular platform for making international calls due to its convenience and cost-effectiveness. To get started, open WhatsApp and make sure you have the latest version installed on your device.

Next, go to your contacts and add the international number you wish to call. Remember to include the country code before the phone number. Once the contact is saved, you can initiate a call by selecting their name in the WhatsApp chat window and tapping the phone icon.

WhatsApp will then use your internet connection to connect the call, making it an affordable option for international communication. It’s important to note that both you and the person you’re calling must have a stable internet connection for the call to go through smoothly.

With WhatsApp’s international calling feature, you can stay connected with friends, family, and colleagues around the world without breaking the bank.

Adding International Contacts on WhatsApp

Make sure to add a few international contacts on WhatsApp to expand your network and stay connected with people from around the world. Adding international contacts on WhatsApp can provide you with a great opportunity to establish global connections and foster meaningful relationships. By having international contacts on your WhatsApp, you can easily reach out and communicate with individuals from different countries, cultures, and backgrounds.

Adding international contacts on WhatsApp is a simple process. Start by saving the contact’s phone number with the country code included in your phone’s contact list. Then, open WhatsApp and refresh your contacts. The app will automatically detect and display your international contacts who are also using WhatsApp. You can then choose to send them a message, make a voice or video call, or even create a group chat to engage in conversations with multiple international contacts at once.

Having international contacts on WhatsApp not only allows you to expand your network, but it also gives you the opportunity to exchange ideas, knowledge, and experiences with people from different parts of the world. It can be a valuable resource for cultural exchange, language practice, and even potential business opportunities.

Making International Calls on WhatsApp

Making international calls on WhatsApp isn’t only cost-effective but also offers reliable call quality.

With WhatsApp, you can connect with your friends, family, and colleagues around the world without worrying about expensive phone bills.

Additionally, the app provides a seamless calling experience, ensuring that your international calls are clear and uninterrupted.

Cost-Effective International Calls

Save money on international calls by using WhatsApp.

With WhatsApp, you can make voice and video calls to anyone around the world without breaking the bank. By utilizing your internet connection, WhatsApp allows you to bypass costly international calling rates.

Simply download the app, create an account, and add your contacts. Once connected, you can make crystal clear calls to friends, family, and colleagues abroad. The best part? It’s completely free!

Unlike traditional phone calls, WhatsApp doesn’t charge you for making international calls. All you need is a stable internet connection, and you’re good to go.

Reliable Call Quality

You can ensure a consistently clear and reliable call quality when using WhatsApp for international calls. Here are three ways to achieve this:

  1. Strong internet connection: Make sure you’re connected to a stable and high-speed internet connection. A weak or unstable connection can result in dropped calls or poor call quality.
  2. Use Wi-Fi whenever possible: Wi-Fi offers a more reliable and consistent connection compared to mobile data. Whenever you have access to a trusted Wi-Fi network, use it for making international calls on WhatsApp.
  3. Optimize your device settings: Adjust your device settings to prioritize voice calls and optimize the network settings for better call quality. Close unnecessary apps and clear the cache to free up resources and improve the performance of your device during calls.

Troubleshooting International Calling Issues on WhatsApp

If you’re experiencing any issues with international calls on WhatsApp, try restarting your device to see if it resolves the problem. Sometimes, a simple restart can fix minor glitches that may be affecting your call quality.

If the issue persists, there are a few other troubleshooting steps you can try.

First, make sure that you have a stable internet connection. WhatsApp calls rely on a strong internet connection to ensure good call quality. If you’re on a cellular network, try switching to a Wi-Fi network or vice versa to see if that improves the call quality.

Another step you can take is to check for any updates available for WhatsApp. Developers regularly release updates that address bugs and improve the app’s performance. Updating WhatsApp to the latest version may help resolve any issues you’re experiencing with international calls.

If the problem still persists, you can try clearing the cache of the WhatsApp app. This can help clear out any temporary files or data that may be causing issues with the app’s functionality. To clear the cache, go to your device’s settings, find the WhatsApp app, and select the option to clear cache.

Lastly, if none of the above steps work, you can try uninstalling and reinstalling WhatsApp. This can help resolve any underlying issues with the app and give you a fresh start.

Using WhatsApp Calling Features for International Calls

If you’re looking for a cost-effective way to make international calls, using WhatsApp’s calling features is a great option.

Not only does it allow you to connect with people around the world without incurring high phone bills, but it also offers excellent call quality and reliability.

To get started, simply download the WhatsApp app, set up an account, and you’ll be ready to make international calls at your convenience.

Cost-Effective International Calls

Making international calls using WhatsApp can be a budget-friendly option for staying connected with loved ones abroad. With its user-friendly interface and widespread popularity, WhatsApp offers a convenient way to make calls without the need for expensive international calling plans.

Here are three reasons why using WhatsApp for international calls can be a cost-effective choice:

  1. No additional charges: WhatsApp uses your internet connection to make calls, so you don’t have to worry about incurring additional charges from your service provider.
  2. Affordable rates: If you need to make calls to non-WhatsApp users, WhatsApp offers competitive rates for international calls, often lower than traditional phone service providers.
  3. Quality and reliability: WhatsApp’s call quality is generally reliable, providing clear audio and minimal disruptions, making it a reliable choice for international conversations.

Call Quality and Reliability

You can rely on the call quality and reliability of WhatsApp for international calls, as it offers clear audio and minimal disruptions. When making international calls, it’s crucial to have a reliable communication platform that ensures your conversations are uninterrupted and crystal clear.

WhatsApp excels in this area, providing a seamless calling experience across borders. With its advanced technology and infrastructure, WhatsApp ensures that your calls are of high quality, allowing you to communicate effectively with friends, family, and colleagues abroad.

Whether you’re conducting business or catching up with loved ones, WhatsApp’s call quality remains consistent, even in challenging network conditions. The app’s dedication to providing reliable international calling services makes it a popular choice for millions of users worldwide.

Setting up Whatsapp Calling

To set up WhatsApp Calling, simply open the app and navigate to the ‘Calls’ tab where you can start making international calls with just a few taps. Here’s how you can get started:

  1. Open WhatsApp on your device.
  2. Tap on the ‘Calls’ tab at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Select the contact you want to call and tap on the phone icon.

With WhatsApp Calling, you can easily connect with friends and family around the world without the hassle of traditional phone calls. The app uses your internet connection to make calls, so you don’t have to worry about expensive international calling rates. Plus, the call quality is usually quite good, ensuring a smooth conversation.

Now that you know how to set up WhatsApp Calling, let’s talk about managing international calling costs on WhatsApp.

Managing International Calling Costs on WhatsApp

If you want to save money while managing international calling costs on WhatsApp, consider using a Wi-Fi connection.

Using Wi-Fi for your international calls on WhatsApp can help you avoid expensive cellular data charges and keep your communication costs in check. By connecting to a Wi-Fi network, you can take advantage of the internet connection to make calls to other WhatsApp users around the world without incurring additional charges.

In addition to saving money, using a Wi-Fi connection for international calls on WhatsApp can also provide you with a more reliable and clear call experience. Wi-Fi networks tend to have a stronger and more stable connection compared to cellular data networks, which can result in better call quality and fewer call drops or interruptions.

To ensure clear and reliable international calls on WhatsApp, there are a few tips you can follow. First, make sure you have a strong and stable Wi-Fi connection before initiating the call. This will help minimize any potential disruptions during the call. Second, consider using headphones or earphones to improve the audio quality and reduce background noise. Lastly, close any unnecessary apps or programs running in the background on your device to optimize the call performance.

Tips for Clear and Reliable International Calls on WhatsApp

Make sure your Wi-Fi connection is strong and stable for clear and reliable international calls on WhatsApp. Here are some tips to ensure the best call quality:

  1. Check your internet speed: Before making an international call on WhatsApp, run a speed test to ensure you have a strong and stable Wi-Fi connection. A minimum download speed of 2 Mbps is recommended for high-quality calls.
  2. Close unnecessary apps and tabs: Closing any unused apps and tabs on your device can help improve your internet speed and reduce any potential interference during your WhatsApp call.
  3. Position yourself closer to the Wi-Fi router: If you experience weak signal strength, try moving closer to your Wi-Fi router. This can help strengthen the connection and improve call quality.

Exploring Alternatives for International Calling on WhatsApp

Have you considered using other apps or services besides WhatsApp for international calling? While WhatsApp is a popular choice for making international calls, there are other options available that might better suit your needs. Let’s explore some alternatives:

Skype– Widely used and trusted
  • Offers both voice and video calls
  • Affordable rates for international calls | – Requires internet connection
  • Quality can be affected by poor internet connection |
    | Viber | – High-quality voice and video calls
  • Option to call landlines and mobiles with Viber Out
  • End-to-end encryption for privacy | – Limited number of free calling minutes
  • Some features may require in-app purchases |
    | Google Voice | – Free calling to US and Canada
  • Low rates for international calls
  • Can be used on both mobile and desktop | – Limited availability in some countries
  • Not as feature-rich as other apps |

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Make International Calls on Whatsapp if I Don’t Have a Strong Internet Connection?

Yes, you can make international calls on WhatsApp even without a strong internet connection. However, keep in mind that a stable internet connection is recommended for better call quality and reliability.

Is It Possible to Make International Calls on Whatsapp Without Adding the Contact to My Phone’s Address Book?

Yes, it is possible to make international calls on WhatsApp without adding the contact to your phone’s address book. Simply open WhatsApp, go to the Calls tab, and enter the phone number directly.

How Do I Know if the Person I Want to Call Internationally on Whatsapp Has the App Installed?

To determine if the person you want to call internationally on WhatsApp has the app installed, you can check their profile on WhatsApp. If you see their profile picture and status, it means they have the app.

Can I Use Whatsapp to Make International Calls While Traveling Abroad?

Yes, you can use WhatsApp to make international calls while traveling abroad. It’s a convenient and cost-effective way to stay connected with your loved ones. Just make sure you have a stable internet connection.

Are There Any Restrictions on the Length of International Calls Made on Whatsapp?

There are no restrictions on the length of international calls made on WhatsApp. You can make as long a call as you want, allowing you to have uninterrupted conversations with your contacts abroad.


In conclusion, WhatsApp provides a convenient and cost-effective solution for making international calls. By simply checking the availability in your country and setting up the calling feature, you can easily add and connect with international contacts.

With various calling features and tips to ensure clear and reliable calls, WhatsApp offers a reliable platform for staying connected globally. However, it’s always worth exploring alternatives for international calling to find the best option for your specific needs.

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