How to Make Scary Faces on Snapchat

Want to take your Snapchat game to the next level?

Learn how to make scary faces that will give your friends a fright with these simple tips and tricks.

From transforming into a terrifying monster to casting spells as a wicked witch, this article will show you step-by-step how to create bone-chilling filters and effects using Snapchat.

Get ready to unleash your spooky side and send shivers down your friends’ spines with your scary snaps!

Key Takeaways

  • Spooky Filters: Use Snapchat’s ‘Creepy Clown’, ‘Haunted House’, and ‘Zombie Invasion’ filters for a spooky effect.
  • Setting the Mood: Adjust lighting, use colored lights or filters, add spooky decorations, and incorporate sound effects to create an eerie ambiance.
  • Unleashing the Beast: Use Snapchat’s filters to transform into a zombie, vampire, werewolf, demon, or Frankenstein for monstrously realistic faces.
  • Hauntingly Beautiful Ghosts: Embrace the ghostly transformation with Snapchat’s ghost filter, enhance the effect with dimly lit environments, and experiment with different poses and expressions for added mystique.
  • Wickedly Witchy Spells: Use Snapchat’s bewitching filters, such as a bubbling cauldron or a flying broomstick, to transform into a sorcerer or sorceress and create captivating content to share.

The Spooky Filters You Need to Know

You need to check out the three spooky filters for Halloween on Snapchat. These filters are guaranteed to give your snaps an extra dose of spookiness and make your friends scream with delight.

The first filter is called ‘Creepy Clown,’ and it transforms your face into a sinister clown with glowing red eyes and an eerie smile. With this filter, you can send your friends a snap that will send shivers down their spines.

The second filter is ‘Haunted House,’ which overlays your face with a haunted house complete with ghosts and bats. This filter is perfect for capturing the spooky atmosphere of Halloween night.

Last but not least, we’ve ‘Zombie Invasion,’ a filter that turns you into a bloodthirsty zombie. Your face will be covered in rotting flesh and your eyes will glow with hunger. This filter is sure to make your friends jump out of their seats.

Setting the Mood: Adjusting Lighting and Atmosphere

Turn down the lights and create a spooky atmosphere by adjusting the lighting and atmosphere in your snaps. Setting the right mood is essential when it comes to making scary faces on Snapchat. Whether you want to transform into a creepy ghost or a menacing vampire, these tips will help you set the perfect backdrop for your frightful snaps.

First, dim the lights or find a dark room to create an eerie ambiance. This will make your face stand out and add a mysterious vibe to your snaps.

Next, consider using colored lights or filters to enhance the spooky effect. Experiment with shades of red, purple, or green to give your snaps an otherworldly feel.

In addition to lighting, you can also set the mood by adjusting the atmosphere. Try adding some spooky decorations or props to your surroundings. Cobwebs, fake spiders, and creepy dolls can instantly transform any ordinary space into a haunted setting.

Lastly, don’t forget about sound effects! Snapchat allows you to add scary sounds to your snaps, such as creaking doors or spooky laughter. These audio elements can greatly enhance the overall creepy experience.

Unleashing the Beast: Creating Monster Faces

Get ready to unleash your creativity and create monstrously realistic faces that will leave everyone in awe. With Snapchat’s amazing filters and effects, you can transform yourself into a terrifying monster in just a few taps. Let’s dive into the world of monstrous makeovers and learn how to create scary faces on Snapchat.

MonsterDescriptionHow to Create
ZombieRotting flesh, sunken eyes, and scarsUse the Zombie filter
VampireSharp fangs, pale skin, and blood-red eyesApply the Vampire filter
WerewolfFierce snout, fur, and glowing yellow eyesTry the Werewolf filter
DemonHorns, red skin, and fiery eyesExperiment with the Demon filter
FrankensteinGreen skin, stitches, and boltsUse the Frankenstein filter

To create these scary faces, simply open the Snapchat app, tap on the camera screen to activate the filters, and scroll through the options until you find the desired monster filter. Once you’ve found it, align your face with the on-screen prompts and watch as your face transforms into a terrifying creature.

Don’t forget to experiment with different lighting and angles to enhance the spooky effect. You can also add accessories like creepy backgrounds, spooky music, or even record a short video to fully immerse yourself in the monster experience.

Hauntingly Beautiful: Transforming Into a Ghost

Don’t be afraid to embrace the hauntingly beautiful transformation into a ghost using Snapchat’s ghost filter. This fun feature allows you to become a ghostly figure with just a tap of your finger. Whether you’re looking to spook your friends or simply want to add a touch of mystique to your selfies, the ghost filter is the perfect tool to achieve that eerie look.

To activate the ghost filter, open the Snapchat app and switch to the front-facing camera. Then, tap on your face to bring up the filter options. Swipe through until you find the ghost filter, which is typically represented by a white, translucent figure. Once you’ve selected the ghost filter, watch as your face instantly transforms into a ghostly apparition.

The ghost filter not only adds a pale, ethereal complexion to your face, but it also gives you a pair of spooky, glowing eyes. This effect creates an otherworldly and mysterious appearance that’s sure to leave an impression. You can further enhance the ghostly effect by using the filter in dimly lit environments or experimenting with different poses and expressions.

Wickedly Witchy: Casting Spells With Snapchat

Have you tried using Snapchat’s bewitching filters to cast spells and create enchanting selfies? With the latest update, Snapchat has introduced a range of wickedly witchy filters that allow you to transform into a spell-casting sorcerer or sorceress. These filters not only add a touch of magic to your selfies but also provide a fun and interactive way to engage with the Halloween spirit.

To get started, simply open the Snapchat app and tap on the camera icon. Swipe left or right until you find the filter that suits your witchy desires. From a bubbling cauldron to a flying broomstick, Snapchat offers a variety of options to choose from. Once you’ve selected your desired filter, position your face within the designated area and watch as the magic unfolds.

With the spell-casting filters, you can create captivating content to share with your friends. Whether you want to cast a spell, summon a familiar, or brew a potion, Snapchat’s filters provide a virtual platform to unleash your inner witch or wizard. So, grab your hat, don your cloak, and let the Snapchat magic take you on a bewitching adventure.

Freaky Friday: Swapping Faces With a Scary Twist

You can now experience the ultimate scare by swapping faces with a terrifying twist on Freaky Friday with Snapchat’s new filters.

With Halloween just around the corner, Snapchat has released a collection of spooky filters that allow you to transform into a variety of terrifying creatures. Whether you want to be a bloodthirsty vampire, a wicked witch, a creepy clown, or a haunting ghost, these filters will give you the perfect look for your Halloween festivities.

To use these frightening filters, simply open Snapchat and activate the front-facing camera. Then, select the filters icon and scroll through the options until you find the spooky filter that catches your eye. Once you’ve chosen your desired filter, position your face within the designated area and watch as your face is transformed into something truly horrifying.

To make your scary face even more realistic, try experimenting with different lighting and angles. You can also add additional effects, such as eerie background music or spooky stickers, to enhance the overall fright factor.

So, get ready to give your friends a fright with Snapchat’s new Freaky Friday filters. Just remember to have fun and embrace the spooky side of Halloween!

  • Transform into a bloodthirsty vampire
  • Become a wicked witch
  • Terrify your friends as a creepy clown
  • Haunt everyone’s nightmares as a ghost

Terrifying Transformations: Becoming a Vampire or Werewolf

Are you ready to unleash your inner creature of the night?

Transforming into a vampire or werewolf on Snapchat can be a thrilling and terrifying experience. With just a few taps, you can become a bloodthirsty vampire or a fierce werewolf, complete with glowing eyes and sharp fangs.

Scare your friends and have a howling good time with these spooky filters on Snapchat.

Vampire Vs. Werewolf

Sometimes you’ll find yourself wondering if a vampire or werewolf is scarier. Well, let’s break it down for you:

  • Vampires: Immortal, nocturnal creatures with a thirst for blood. They’ve superhuman strength, speed, and the ability to hypnotize their victims. Their fangs and pale, haunting appearance can send chills down your spine.
  • Werewolves: Shapeshifters who transform into fearsome, wolf-like creatures during the full moon. They possess incredible strength, heightened senses, and savage instincts. The sight of their sharp claws and feral eyes can make your heart race.

Transforming With Filters

If you’re ready for a fright, try out the new Snapchat filters that allow you to transform into a terrifying vampire or werewolf. These filters are perfect for Halloween or any time you want to spook your friends.

To use these filters, simply open up Snapchat and make sure your front-facing camera is active. Then, tap on the face icon at the bottom of the screen and scroll through the different filters until you find the vampire or werewolf option.

Once you select the filter, it will automatically apply to your face, transforming you into a creature of the night. You can then take a photo or record a video to share with your friends.

Scaring Friends on Snapchat

You can easily freak out your friends on Snapchat by using the terrifying vampire or werewolf filters to transform into a creature of the night. These filters aren’t only fun and entertaining, but they also provide an opportunity to scare your friends in a harmless way.

Here’s how you can make the most out of these scary filters:

  • Choose the right filter: Snapchat offers a wide range of filters, but for a truly spooky effect, go for the vampire or werewolf filters. These filters completely transform your appearance, adding fangs, blood, and creepy eyes to give you a truly terrifying look.
  • Add some creepy lighting: To enhance the scare factor, make sure to snap your photos or record your videos in dimly lit environments. This will add an eerie ambiance to your transformed face and make it even more unsettling.
  • Surprise your friends: Once you have transformed into a creature of the night, send your scary snaps to your friends without any warning. This unexpected scare is sure to get their hearts racing and leave them impressed with your Snapchat skills.
  • Create a spooky story: To take your scare game to the next level, consider creating a short spooky story using the Snapchat filters. Use multiple snaps to tell a chilling tale and send it to your friends. This won’t only scare them but also showcase your creativity and storytelling abilities.

Creepy Crawlers: Adding Spiders and Insects to Your Snaps

Try using the spider filter to add creepy crawlers to your snaps for a spooky effect. With Snapchat’s latest update, you can now take your Halloween snaps to the next level by incorporating virtual spiders and insects into your photos and videos. It’s super simple to use – just open up the camera, swipe right until you find the spider filter, and watch as these eerie creatures come to life on your screen. Place them on your friends’ faces or let them crawl across your own for a truly terrifying effect.

But if you really want to up the scare factor, why stop at spiders? Snapchat also offers bone-chilling special effects that allow you to add blood and gore to your snaps. Whether you want to give yourself a vampire makeover with blood dripping from your mouth, or create a gruesome scene with wounds and stitches, these effects will surely send shivers down your spine. Simply tap on the scissors icon, select the ‘Effects’ option, and choose from a range of horrifying options.

Bone-chilling Special Effects: Adding Blood and Gore

Want to take your Snapchat game to the next level of horror? Adding bone-chilling special effects like realistic blood splatters, terrifying wounds and cuts, and creepy special effects can turn any snap into a nightmare-inducing masterpiece.

Whether you’re going for a gory Halloween look or just want to give your friends a scare, these effects will have everyone questioning whether what they’re seeing is real or just a Snapchat trick.

Get ready to make your snaps blood-curdlingly terrifying!

Realistic Blood Splatters

If you’re aiming for a truly terrifying effect, consider using realistic blood splatters in your Snapchat scary faces. Adding blood can take your spooky snaps to a whole new level of fright.

Here are a few tips to help you achieve the perfect blood splatter effect:

  • Choose the right filter: Look for filters that have a blood splatter effect or ones that allow you to add custom stickers.
  • Placement is key: Think about where the blood would realistically splatter on your face. Pay attention to areas like the mouth, nose, or wounds.
  • Blend it in: Use the eraser tool or adjust the opacity to make the blood appear more realistic and seamless.
  • Experiment with angles: Try different angles and perspectives to make the blood splatters look more dynamic and lifelike.

Once you’ve mastered blood splatters, it’s time to move on to creating terrifying wounds and cuts.

Terrifying Wounds and Cuts

Check out the bone-chilling special effects of adding blood and gore to create terrifying wounds and cuts. With Snapchat’s latest update, you can now transform your face into a horrifying sight that will send shivers down anyone’s spine. Whether you want to scare your friends or simply have some spooky fun, these realistic effects will take your Snapchat game to a whole new level.

To create these terrifying wounds and cuts, follow these simple steps:

  1. Open Snapchat and select the camera option.
  2. Tap on the face icon to access the lens options.
  3. Swipe left until you find the ‘Wounds and Cuts’ lens.
  4. Align your face within the frame and watch as the blood and gore appear on your skin.
  5. Adjust the intensity of the effect using the slider provided.
  6. Take a photo or record a video to share with your friends and make their hearts skip a beat.

Get ready to shock and frighten with these bone-chilling effects. Don’t forget to save your snaps and share them with your friends for a truly terrifying experience.

Creepy Special Effects

You can create a truly spine-chilling effect by adding an intense amount of blood and gore to your Snapchat photos or videos. Whether you’re looking to scare your friends or create a creepy Halloween-themed story, Snapchat’s special effects can help you achieve that terrifying look.

Here’s how you can do it:

  • Take a selfie or record a video using Snapchat’s camera.
  • Swipe left to access the filter options.
  • Look for the ‘Horror’ or ‘Creepy’ filter category.
  • Choose a filter that adds blood, wounds, or other horrifying effects to your face.

With these special effects, you can transform yourself into a terrifying monster or a spooky character that will send shivers down your friends’ spines.

Nightmarish Backgrounds: Creating a Spooky Snapchat Scene

Are you ready to transform your Snapchat scene into something truly terrifying with nightmarish backgrounds? With just a few simple steps, you can take your snaps to the next level and create a spooky atmosphere that will send shivers down your friends’ spines. Here’s how to do it.

First, open Snapchat and navigate to the camera screen. Tap on the smiley face icon to access the lenses. Scroll through the available lenses until you find the one that suits your spooky theme. From haunted houses and eerie forests to creepy creatures and ghostly apparitions, there’s a wide range of nightmarish backgrounds to choose from.

Once you’ve selected your desired lens, position yourself or your subject in the frame and tap the capture button to take a photo or hold it down to record a video. The lens will add the nightmarish background in real-time, creating an immersive and chilling experience for your viewers.

To give you some inspiration, here’s a table showcasing some of the most popular nightmarish backgrounds available on Snapchat:

Haunted HouseA dilapidated, spooky houseFear
GraveyardA misty graveyardDread
VampireA bloodthirsty vampireHorror
WitchA cackling witchUnease
Zombie ApocalypseA post-apocalyptic wastelandTerror

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Make My Scary Face Picture Move on Snapchat?

To make your scary face picture move on Snapchat, try using the app’s built-in filters and effects. They can add animations and make your face come alive. Experiment with different options to create a truly spooky snap!

Can I Add Sound Effects to My Scary Face Filters?

Yes, you can add sound effects to your scary face filters on Snapchat. It’s a fun way to enhance the spooky experience and make your scary faces even scarier. Try it out!

Is There a Way to Adjust the Intensity of the Spooky Filters?

Yes, you can adjust the intensity of the spooky filters on Snapchat. Simply swipe left or right to increase or decrease the effect. Have fun creating your terrifying Snapchat stories!

Can I Use the Scary Face Filters on Videos or Only on Photos?

Yes, you can use the scary face filters on both videos and photos. They add a spooky touch to your content and allow you to create creepy and fun moments to share with your friends.

Are There Any Hidden Scary Face Filters That Are Not Mentioned in the Article?

Yes, there are hidden scary face filters on Snapchat. They are not mentioned in the article. To find them, you can explore different filters or try searching online for hidden Snapchat filters.


In conclusion, Snapchat offers a range of spooky filters and effects to help you create scary faces and transform into monsters, ghosts, witches, vampires, and more. With the ability to adjust lighting and atmosphere, add spiders and insects, and even include bone-chilling special effects like blood and gore, you can bring your snaps to life with a nightmarish touch.

So go ahead and have some fun this Halloween season by giving your friends a fright with your scary Snapchat creations.

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