How to Sync Tribez With Facebook

In this guide, you’ll learn how to sync Tribez with Facebook effortlessly. By integrating these two platforms, you can easily share your Tribez progress on Facebook and invite friends to join the game.

We’ll walk you through the step-by-step process, from accessing the settings menu to granting necessary permissions.

Get ready to connect and explore the additional Facebook integration features that Tribez has to offer.

Let’s dive in and make your Tribez experience even more social!

Key Takeaways

  • Syncing Tribez with Facebook allows for sharing progress and inviting friends to play.
  • Granting permissions for Facebook integration ensures seamless integration between Tribez and Facebook.
  • Adjusting privacy settings on Facebook allows for controlling who can see gameplay updates.
  • Syncing Tribez with Facebook enables comparing progress with friends, sending/receiving gifts, and visiting their islands.

Step 1: Accessing the Settings Menu in Tribez

To access the Settings Menu in Tribez, you need to tap on and then go to ‘Settings’ in the main menu. This menu is where you can customize various aspects of the game to suit your preferences. Once you tap on ‘Settings’, you’ll see a list of options that you can modify.

In the Settings Menu, you’ll find options to adjust the game’s sound and music volume. If you find the background music too loud or the sound effects too soft, you can easily make the necessary changes here. Additionally, you can toggle the game’s notifications on or off. This is useful if you want to control the frequency of alerts or if you prefer to play the game without any interruptions.

Another important feature in the Settings Menu is the ability to link your Tribez account with Facebook. By connecting with Facebook, you can easily sync your progress across multiple devices. This means that you can continue playing the game on your smartphone or tablet without losing any of your achievements or resources. To link your account, simply tap on the ‘Connect to Facebook’ button and follow the prompts.

Step 2: Navigating to the Social Media Integration Options

To navigate to the Social Media Integration Options in Tribez, you’ll need to locate the settings menu again.

Once you’re in the settings menu, look for the option labeled ‘Social Media Integration’ or something similar.

This is where you can enable Facebook integration, configure your social media settings, and troubleshoot any connection issues you may encounter.

Enabling Facebook Integration

Click on the ‘Settings’ tab to access the article that explains how to enable Facebook integration for Tribez. Enabling Facebook integration allows you to connect your Tribez account with your Facebook profile, giving you additional features and benefits. By syncing the two platforms, you can easily share your progress and achievements with your Facebook friends, invite them to play the game, and receive special rewards. Here is a breakdown of the advantages of enabling Facebook integration:

Advantages of Enabling Facebook Integration
1. Share progress with friends 2. Invite friends to play 3. Receive special rewards
4. Connect with a larger gaming community

Enabling Facebook integration is a simple process that can enhance your Tribez experience and make it more interactive. So, why not take advantage of this feature and enjoy the benefits of connecting with your friends on Facebook while playing Tribez?

Configuring Social Media Settings

You can easily configure your social media settings by selecting the ‘Settings’ tab and then navigating to the social media integration options.

Once you’re in the settings, you’ll find a section dedicated to social media integration. Here, you can choose which social media platforms you want to connect to your Tribez account.

By syncing Tribez with Facebook, you can share your progress, achievements, and invite friends to join you in the game. This integration allows for a seamless experience between the game and your social media profiles.

It’s important to note that you have full control over what gets shared on your social media platforms, as you can customize the privacy settings for each post.

With just a few clicks, you can configure your social media settings and enhance your Tribez gaming experience.

Troubleshooting Connection Issues

If you’re experiencing connection issues, try navigating through the settings to find the social media integration options.

Here are three steps you can follow to troubleshoot the problem:

  1. Check your internet connection: Make sure you have a stable and strong internet connection. Weak or intermittent connections can cause issues with syncing Tribez with Facebook.
  2. Update your Tribez app: Sometimes, connection issues can be resolved by updating the app to the latest version. Developers often release updates to fix bugs and improve compatibility with social media platforms.
  3. Clear cache and data: Clearing the cache and data of the Tribez app can help resolve connection issues. This will remove any temporary files or corrupt data that may be causing the problem.

By following these steps, you can overcome connection issues and ensure a smooth syncing process.

Now, let’s move on to step 3: connecting Tribez with your Facebook account.

Step 3: Connecting Tribez With Your Facebook Account

To sync Tribez with Facebook, start by connecting your Facebook account in Step 3. This will allow you to easily share your progress, achievements, and invite friends to join you in the game. Connecting Tribez with your Facebook account is a simple process that can be done within the game settings. Once connected, you will have access to additional features and benefits.

Here is a table showcasing some of the advantages of syncing Tribez with Facebook:

Advantages of Syncing Tribez with Facebook
1. Share your progress Share your achievements, levels, and other milestones with your friends on Facebook. Let them know how far you’ve come in the game!
2. Invite friends to play Easily invite your Facebook friends to join you in Tribez. Expand your tribe and work together to build a thriving civilization.
3. Compete with friends Challenge your friends to beat your high scores or complete certain quests. Compete to see who can become the ultimate Tribez leader.
4. Receive gifts from friends Receive gifts and bonuses from your friends. These can help you progress faster in the game and unlock new features.
5. Connect with a larger community Join a larger community of Tribez players on Facebook. Share tips, strategies, and experiences with fellow players. Stay updated on the latest news, events, and updates related to the game.

Step 4: Granting Necessary Permissions for Facebook Integration

Grant the necessary permissions to integrate Facebook by following the steps outlined in Step 4. To ensure a seamless integration between Tribez and Facebook, you need to grant certain permissions.

Here are three key permissions that you should consider granting:

  1. Access your basic information: By granting this permission, Tribez will be able to access your basic information from your Facebook account. This includes your name, profile picture, and other public information.
  2. Manage your posts: Granting this permission allows Tribez to manage your posts on Facebook. This means that the app can create, edit, and delete posts on your behalf. It’s important to carefully consider this permission and only grant it if you’re comfortable with Tribez having this level of control over your posts.
  3. Access your friends list: By granting this permission, Tribez can access your friends list on Facebook. This allows the app to connect you with your friends who are also using Tribez. It’s worth noting that Tribez won’t post anything on your friends’ behalf without their explicit permission.

Step 5: Sharing Your Tribez Progress on Facebook

To share your Tribez progress on Facebook, simply click on the ‘Share’ button within the game. This will allow you to post updates about your achievements and milestones to your Facebook timeline.

Visibility of Progress Posts

You can increase the visibility of your progress posts on Facebook by adjusting your privacy settings. By making a few changes, you can ensure that your friends and followers are able to see your updates and cheer you on as you conquer new levels in Tribez! Here are three ways to improve the visibility of your progress posts:

  1. Change your post privacy settings to ‘Public’: By setting your posts to public, anyone on Facebook will be able to see and engage with your progress updates.
  2. Tag friends in your progress posts: Tagging friends in your posts will notify them and increase the chances of your posts appearing in their newsfeed.
  3. Share your progress posts in relevant Facebook groups: Joining groups related to Tribez or gaming can help you reach a wider audience who are interested in your progress.

Privacy Settings for Sharing

When sharing your Tribez progress on Facebook, consider adjusting your privacy settings to determine who can see your posts. By doing so, you can have more control over who’s access to your gameplay updates.

With Tribez being a popular game, it’s important to be mindful of the information you share publicly. Adjusting your privacy settings allows you to limit the visibility of your posts to a specific audience, such as your friends or a custom list.

This can be especially useful if you prefer to keep your gaming activities private or if you want to share your progress with a select group of people. Taking a few minutes to review and adjust your privacy settings can help you maintain your desired level of privacy while still enjoying the social aspects of sharing your Tribez journey on Facebook.

Step 6: Inviting Friends to Play Tribez via Facebook

Don’t forget to check your friends’ progress in Tribez by connecting your Facebook account. By syncing Tribez with Facebook, you can easily invite your friends to join you in the game and keep track of their progress.

Here are three important steps to follow for syncing Tribez with Facebook:

  1. Open Tribez on your device and go to the settings menu. Look for the option to connect to Facebook and tap on it.
  2. A new window will appear, prompting you to log in to your Facebook account. Enter your login credentials and click on the ‘Log In’ button.
  3. Once you’re logged in, Tribez will ask for your permission to access your basic information and post on your behalf. Review the permissions and click on the ‘Allow’ button to proceed.

Syncing Tribez with Facebook won’t only allow you to invite friends to play the game, but it will also enable you to compare your progress with theirs. You can compete with your friends, send and receive gifts, and even visit their islands to see how they’ve built their own civilizations.

Step 7: Exploring Additional Facebook Integration Features

Once you have synced Tribez with Facebook, you can further enhance your gaming experience by exploring additional Facebook integration features. These features allow you to connect with friends, share your progress, and compete in leaderboards. By linking Tribez with your Facebook account, you can easily invite your friends to join the game and play together. Additionally, you can receive in-game rewards for inviting friends and completing certain milestones.

But the benefits of Facebook integration go beyond just inviting friends. Take a look at the table below to see the additional features you can explore:

Feature Description
Social Leaderboards Compare your progress with friends and other players to see who’s on top.
Gifts and Requests Send and receive gifts from friends, as well as request resources and help.
Cross-Platform Saving Sync your game progress across multiple devices using your Facebook account.
Achievements Unlock achievements and earn rewards for completing specific tasks.
Exclusive Events Participate in special events and challenges that are only available on Facebook.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Sync Tribez With Multiple Facebook Accounts?

Yes, you can sync Tribez with multiple Facebook accounts. This allows you to enjoy the game on different devices or share progress with friends. Follow the steps in the Tribez settings to connect each account.

Will Syncing Tribez With Facebook Post on My Timeline Without My Permission?

Syncing Tribez with Facebook will not post on your timeline without your permission. It allows you to connect your game progress and share achievements with friends. You have control over what gets posted.

How Do I Disconnect Tribez From My Facebook Account?

To disconnect Tribez from your Facebook account, go to your Facebook settings and remove Tribez from your list of connected apps. This will ensure that Tribez will no longer have access to your Facebook account.

Can I Invite Friends to Play Tribez on Facebook Even if They Don’t Have a Tribez Account?

Yes, you can invite friends to play Tribez on Facebook even if they don’t have a Tribez account. This allows them to join the game and play with you, enhancing the social experience.

What Additional Features Does Tribez Offer Through Facebook Integration?

Tribez offers additional features through its Facebook integration. By syncing Tribez with Facebook, you can invite friends to play, compete with them on leaderboards, and share your progress and achievements with them.


In conclusion, syncing Tribez with Facebook is a simple process that allows you to connect your game progress with your social media account.

By following the steps outlined in this article, you can easily access the settings menu in Tribez, navigate to the social media integration options, and connect your Facebook account.

This integration allows you to share your Tribez progress on Facebook and invite friends to play the game.

Explore additional features for a more immersive gaming experience.

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